Merkin Death Star Meets Mucho Chesto

A brisk morning at the #F3BIGCREEK AO site. Big Dipper and Hero confessed staying snuggled up in the #fartsack this morning. Men we need to swallow the big #redpill and take #F3BigCreek to the next level…Aiming for the Tuesday Ten – All exercises will reflect this next week. Show with FNG or get 10 Burpees added to your PAIN.

Welcome COY our newest FNG with only 4 PAX today he was greatly appreciated!

Warm O RAMA – SSH, Cotton Mills, Mountain Climbers

Mosey to TRACK AREA for some BERKINs – that Bear Crawl to curb for a Derkin.

Jog around 1/4 mile track for loosen up the to the WALL for some Donkey Kicks and Jump ups for 25 each.

Mosey to Skate Park (yes we have a Skate Park at our AO) for Creature Merkins (or Around the Clocks)

Mosey for some colts 45s but too muddy and our coupon selection not F3 worthy so audible to step ups and tri work on the benches.

Mosey toward flag with brief stop for Partner Plank Merkins – Partner in Plank other Partner feet on back for 20 Merkins.

Only 145 Merks today look for 250 next time!

Mary’s – Dollys and Crunchy Frogs

Great to have COY as part of the group at #F3BIGCREEK


Love you wives, Ruebens buddy (addiction), Clydes buddies kid – illness

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