Wildcat Crawl

QIC: Mr. Clean

Date: 08/07/2020

PAX: Blue, Cleaver, Dundee, Freetime, Footloose, Friar Tuck (Respect), Mr. Met, Nordic Trac, Ponce (Respect), Sherlock, Snatch, White Lightening

AO: Shot House


77 Degrees. Starry Sky.



Modified Shoulder Blaster

The Thang

Today, the Lions Den completed the monthly BURPH Challenge, and last night a very dear friend, our former Nantan and current Mustard Seed Leader of F3 Portland, Angus reached out. He somehow found the Backblast from his FNG post, as well as, his post for his first ever ROT (River of Tears) in Augusta. YHC felt this to be a sign for Q inspiration at Shot House. The Wildcat Crawl emerged…

Wildcat Crawl

Run a mile for time.

After the timed mile is complete: Complete the following

Round 1: 10 Burpees — Ascend Bleachers — 9 Squats — Descend Bleachers — Rinse/Repeat Until 1 Squat — Run an AYG Lap

Round 2: 8 Burpees — Ascend Bleachers — 7 Squats — Descend Bleachers — Rinse/Repeat Until 1 Squat — Run AYG Lap

Round 3: 6 Burpees — Ascend Bleachers — 5 Squats — Descend Bleachers — Rinse/Repeat Until 1 Squat — Run AYG Lap

ALL Rounds AFTER 3 are REPEATS of Round 3

Much like the ROT a point system will be applied from this point forward to help Pax track progress. Merkins will also be added to this as well.

Point Values are as follows:
5 Points for Completed Mile
10 Points for 10 Second Mile Time Improvement
15 Points for 15 Second Mile Time Improvement

20 Points for Each Bleacher Ascend/Descend
50 Points for EACH FULL Round Completed

Rucks/Weighted Vests/Coupons are NOT required, BUT a 1/2 Point per pound will be added to EACH scoring item.

Example — (From Ponce) — Completed Mile. (5 Points)
Five Ascends/Descends. (100 Points)
5 FULL Rounds. (250 Points).
Total = 355 Points


We are leaders in our community and yesterday, we had one of the greatest opportunities to be good examples by exercising our right to vote.
Since, Election Day has passed, YHC changed up the lessons that came from exercising the right to vote.
We all know people are guilty of complaining about aspects of their lives: job, leadership, country’s leadership, family issues, financial issues etc.. Much like voting, the only way to satisfy those complaints as a REAL leader is to take on responsibility to enact change over the action for which we complain!
Black, White, Blue, or Orange…We are supposed to be united under the flag. As leaders, YHC challenged the men today to find areas in which they complain and make efforts to be the change in which they want to see.
Lastly, (in true southern accent and passion) Get some dad gum love in yer hearts an’ be compassionate toward others!


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