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What is Rucking?

You may be wondering… “What is Rucking anyways?”

For that we look no further than this explanation from

RUCK•ING [VERB] carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

Rucking is the foundation of Special Forces training. Green Berets are well versed in shouldering heavy rucks through cities, mountains, jungles and deserts, in war and in peace — alone when they must, together whenever possible. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character — and builds it, too.

Note: Hiking is rucking in the mountains, urban hiking is simply called rucking. Rucking can be done at any weight.

The F3 Chattanooga Pax along with the Scenic City Ruckers often spontaneously arrange pre-workout rucks throughout the week. Many ruckers willingly spend hard earned bucks on awesome GORUCK swag, but you can just throw some bricks in your Jansport and get your steps in, it’s all the same.

F3 PAX look for CSAUP events both near and far to push our limits and build our bonds. One of our favorite CSAUP varieties is a GORUCK challenge, and odds are that we are probably training for an upcoming one now!

Training Schedule

We often ruck on Friday and Saturday mornings. Generally, followed by breakfast and fellowship.


For gear and other items the Scenic City Ruckers often employ, check out the GoRuck store.

GoRuck is one of the more popular brands. For those just starting out, we are happy to supply bags to try for the weekly rucks and also share with the Chattanooga Ruck community and F3 Chattanooga Pax for any upcoming events.

Group Events

Standard weight for events is 30 lb weight in your ruck if you are over 150 lbs and 20 lbs in your ruck if you are under. Come get stronger with us in the gloom.