Herschel Walker Pets the Pony Everyday

QIC: Steam Engine

PAX: Whittler, Ohms, Prosciutto, Angus, Laces Out, Rainman, Snowflake

AO: Hill City

Date: 1/9/2018

Conditions: Warm 37 degrees perfect for a Herschel Walker beatdown

Disclaimer was given at the Shovel flag while some stranglers were getting out of their vehicles. And we are off

Quick mosey to Great Hall


SSH IC 15x

Cherry Picker IC 15x

Windmill IC 15x

Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x

Mosey to Walnut Walking Bridge and informed the PAX that seeing Herschel Walker as an honorary captain for the Georgia Bulldogs reminded me of an Art of Manliness article about his crazy workout that he did and continues to do (will attach article at the end).

The Thang:

Merkins IC 10x

LBC IC 10x

Mosey to next lamp post

Rinse & Repeat 4x

Forward Lunge 10 each leg

Squat IC 10x

Rinse & Repeat 4x

Dips IC 10x

Mosey to next set of benches

Rinse & Repeat 3x

Once we completed Walnut bridge asked Laces out to lead us to the Market St bridge and take us back to Love Shack. During the mosey to Love Shack, QIC was starting to feel the wings and pizza from the night before luckily it stayed down. Also, learned that by yelling “FELLOWSHIP” the PAX slow down for the 6 catch up. Thanks for tip Prosciutto. Once we were within eyeshot of the Love Shack Prosciutto called for one last sprint to the finish.

Once we made it to the Love Shack we noticed that our shovel flag tipped over which comes with a 10 burpee penalty.



Prayer Request:

Mr. Clean had another seizure so won’t be able to drive for awhile.

Angus wife due date was 1/8 so now the waiting game.

Ohm’s friends had their baby on 1/8


Chattanooga Relay (4 man marathon relay): 3/2 – 3/4

Ragnar Race (12 man relay Chattanooga – Nashville): 3/23 – 3/24

Chattanooga MS Walk: 4/21

GoRuck Tough (Chattanooga) : 8/18

Tough Mudder (Nashville): 9/15 – 9/16

For more details check out the F3 Chatt Newsletter

Upcoming Q’s:

1/10 Snowflake

1/11 Vila

1/13 Ohms, Prosciutto, Steam Engine

WOD: “Success is just being happy… God has helped me to love myself. I know who God is, and I love God.” – Herschel Walker

We are a week into the new year. Everyone has set their New Years Resolution and goals. Now take the time to define what success means to you. Success is not just being on top of the mountain or having the most money. It could be completing a marathon, a GoRuck Tough event, coming out to the Gloom. Sometimes success is in the journey and not the end result. Herschel defined success as being happy which is a great definition and he got their through loving God. If you know and love God then you have already won.

New year, new goals, you gotta define success It’s not just being on top

Here is the link to the Herschel Walker article. Some highlights:

  • Dips — up to a 1,000 a day
  • Squats — up to a 1,000 a day
  • Lunges — up to a 1,000 a day