Big Ole Tire


QIC: Lugnut
Date: 07/10/18
PAX: Cherry Log, Ducktales, Early Bird, Mr. Clean, Prosciutto, Radiohead
AO: The Huey


Comfortable, Humid(Wet), July in TN

The Disclaimer

I am Lugnut. I will be your Q today. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. I am not a professional. We will help you to your car if you get hurt.


Mosey around the Track

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

SSH x 15 IC

MNC x 15 IC

Squat x 10 OYO

The Thang

This was YHC’s VQ and I wanted it to be a memorable one. After being up all nite with Qdrenaline, I was ready to issue a beat-down. Upon arrival, mumble chatter ensued as to the giant tire, as well as the ceremonial release of a rat as is custom at all VQs with Prosciutto. 
Supposed to be DORA. Nope
The PAX chose a partner and went to one of four stations for 5 minutes.

Station 1 – Tire Flip – Flip a 350# tire 15 yards and back till time is up.

Station 2 – Dips on a Bench

Station 3 – Sled Drag

Station – 4 Curls for the Girls

PSA – Any exercise when done for 5 minutes is a beat-down.

Bear Necessities

Bear crawl around the love shack 2.0 and then burpees OYO

Bernie Sanders Back Around

Army Crawl to track and then BBC

Lunge Back were we started.

Wheelbarrow back to the flag.


Flutter Kicks (Six inches Lugnut, Six Inches)

Freddie Mercuries



Thanks to the HIM’s that made it out to the gloom for my VQ. We spoke to the power of F3 and being there for your brothers. We all go through difficult times and the friends made here are hard pressed to fall through the sifter.



Hero Ruck coming up on Sunday, Fissure or Clean for details.

Still Hollow Half on August 4th

GORUCK Tough on Aug 18th. See Lugnut or Ducktales for details. Be sure to check the rucking channel for other opportunities.