Project Stay Warm


QIC: Sidekick
Date: 10/22/2018
PAX: Fast Lane, Gisele, Jabooti, Peanuts, Threeskin
AO: Beast Ridge


36 and clear.  Cold.  35 degrees cooler than my last workout….

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional.  Modify where necessary.  Push yourself but do not hurt yourself


SSH IC X20; Good Mornings IC X12; Broga – Forward Fold to Pike to Cobra to Pike to Cobra to Pike, walk it up, exhale up; SSH IC X20; Mercans IC X10; Mosey to the pavilion

The Thang

Goal here was to stay warm and get better.  So, we are going to do some exercises in the pavilion and then run to the light pole (~120 yds).  There we will do some Mary and run back.

Round 1

10 Dercans, 10 Ircans

10 LBC, 10 Pretzel crunch each leg

Round 2

10 Super Dips, 10 Military press of the table

10 Big Boy sit ups, 10 Box Cutters IC

Round 3

One legged step up with high knee – 10 each leg, 10 Dercans

Flutter kicks IC X20, 10 LBC

***Change of Scenery***

Run to second Pavilion (Big Boy tables)

Curls X10, Bent Over Rows X10, reverse grip calf raises X15

Horizontal pull up under table – cycle – 1 PAX on each end of the table knocking out 8 reps, other PAX are holding Plank.  Rotate through until everyone has two sets of pull ups.  Continue to hold plank if not pulling up

10 count walk to raod

Mosey back to the flag

Just under 2 miles ion total today



Brave the cold, this is only the beginning.  January will be worse


Nice to meet Gisele today.  Good to have another PAX at the Beast



Upcoming Qs

Speedbump on Wednesday