Running Round at The Ridge


Perfect Condotions > 77 low humidity
QIC: Stairmaster
AO: Beast Ridge
Date: 09/17/2018
PAX: Sidekick, Threeskin, Fast Lane, The Count, Peanuts, Jabooti, Early Bird 

Disclaimer delivered @ 5:30am:

This is F3, I am not a professional, you are here on your own free will, modify if necessary, IF injury should occur, we will help you in whatever way possible.

Warm up: Parking lot

-15 SSH IC exercise

-15 Imperial Walker

-15 SSH IC exercise 

-15 High Knee IC exercise 

-15 Wide Knee IC exercise

-15 Mountain Climber IC exercise

-12 LB arm forwards 

-12 LB arm back

-15 SSH Ic exercise 


Indian Run half way down to parking lot in middle of the park. Did B.L.I.M.P s under the light post.

B. urpees x5

run down 30 yds & back

L. unges in cadence x10

bernie sanders down 30 yds & back

I. mperial walkers x15 in cadence

run down 30 yds & back

M. erkins x20 OYO

Bernie sanders down 30yds & back

P. lank jacks x25

Mosey to indoor soccer facility:

Wall sits 30 seconds > down hill x15 squats in cadence

Bear crawl up hill > 30 more sec. wall sits

Back down hill > x15 windmills

Duck walk back up hill >30 sec wall sit

Mosey back to parking lot for 5MOM:

LBC x20

6 inches 30 seconds

No Moleskin

Prayer Requests: Bob Gaskins >perseverance through cancer treatments

Those affected by Hurricane Florence