Beastie Boys

50 Degrees and Overcast

Welcome and Disclaimer

The Thang

Four pax make their way down the river bank

Stretch-o-rama / COP

Each stretch held for a 20 count to get the muscles loose
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch

The PAX reached ultimate zen as the sun rose.

Now the real COP

– SSH x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– Squat Jumps x 15

– Diamond Merkins (4 count) x 15
– Carolina Dry Docks x 15
– Merkins x 15
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
– Wide Merkins x 15

Great Warm up from YHC. The PAX were groaning.

Mosey to the boat ramp, we took the long way and picked up a few PAX late to the game. Welcome FNG Ravi.

Restated the Disclaimer on the run back to the boat ramp.

The Beast
The Beast is a Charlotte invention predicated on 6 exercises repeated 6 times between sprints which divide the length of a field into thirds (ie, 6 sprints). Then, this series is repeated 6 times as the exercise is changed out. Hence the 666 set and the name of #TheBeast.

eg, sprint 30 yards, 6 squats, sprint another 30 yards, 6 squats, sprint a third 30 yards, 6 squats, turn around and sprint back 30 yards, 6 squats, 30 yards, 6 squats, sprint to the starting line, six squats… and you’re done… with that rep

– Squat
– LBCs
– Merkins
– Lunges
– Plank Jacks
– Burpee (the traditional closer is always a #CrowdPleaser)

YHC turned the Q over to Gus

Mini-Dora 1-2-3

Sit ups x 50
Squats x 100
Big Boy Sit Ups x 150

Mosey to the Gazebo

6 Minutes of Mary


Welcome to FNG Ravi AKA ChuckE



Angus Out

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