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The Thang

Four Pax take a capri lap and wait to see if Gus is going to show up. 

COP at the base of Mt. Midoriyama
– SSH x 20
– Merkins (4 Count) x 15
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
– 1 Lap Mosey down to the field
– SSH x 20
– IW x 15
– HK x 15
– WHK x 15
– LAC x 15 (forwards / backwards)
– Chinooks x 15
– Moroccan Night Club  x 15

The beauty of this is you can crank it up or ratchet it down depending on what kind of pain you want to inflict. Pick 12 exercises, do 12 reps of each. 12×12=144 which is a Gross. Done for the first time by Barry Manolow and YHC to highlight the exercises we hate the most – all in one workout. Breeds fantastic mumble chatter.

Round 1
Diamond Merkin, Squat, LBC, Run to the top of the hill

Round 2
Merkin, Jump Squat, American Hammer, Run to the top of the hill

Round 3
Wide Merkin, Lunge, Big Boy Sit Up, Run to the top of the hill

Round 4
Archer Merkin, Jump Lunges, LBC, Run to the top of the hill

5 Burpees just for fun




Welcome to FNG Rob Davis aka “Walker”


Angus Out

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