Brief disclaimer was given to the FNG the usual we will carry you if you are injured and we are not responsible if you do get hurt.

Warm Up: (Some chatter about not many fans of the 15 burpees as a warm up)

Side Straddle Hop 15 IC

Cotton Picker 15 IC

Alternating Toe Touches 15 IC

Mountain Climbers 20 IC (Yah forgot I was suppose to stop at 15 so just kept going to 20)

Peter Parkers 15 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to where the swamp thing lives:

Box Jump to the top followed by 10 burpees rinse & repeat 4x.

Mosey to Great Hall:

Wall Sits w/ Muhammad Ali 15 IC

Wall Sits w/ Joe Frazier 15 IC

Wall Sits w/ Push Press 15 IC

Mosey to fields:

3 sprints cone & back

3 Bernie Sanders cone & back

3 Duck walks cone & back

3 One leg hop cone & alternate leg back

1 front roll to cone & mosey back to starting line

Head to Love Shack. Not enough time for Mary but enjoyed watching full grown mean roll around in the grass.

Count Off


WOD: Hebrews: 10:25 “Let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near”

I enjoy waking up early in the morning just to post with you men. I enjoy coming because you push me to be better. Better in my fitness, life, & in my faith. It is so easy to just go through the motions but we don’t we go the extra mile and invest in each others lives. I picked this scripture to encourage you men to make the most of our workouts and 2nd F events. We all have busy lives but we some how find time to spend time with each other and encourage one another.  Keep up the great work in Chattanooga and I will see you next time I’m down there.

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