Journey To The Other Side

QIC: Stairmaster
Date: 10/18/2018
PAX: Straight Jacket, Care Bear, Early Bird, FNG-Protractor, VSquared, Blackhat, Candu, High Tops, Fabio, Stairmaster

AO: Hill City

Conditions: Perfect, 55 degrees with wind

-Disclaimer was given at 5:30am > Mosey Under Bridge

Warm-up completed under Market street Bridge:

-15 SSH IC

-15 Imerial Walker IC

-15 SSH IC

-15 High Knee IC

-15 Wide High Knee IC

-15 Mountain Climber IC

-12 LBAC forward 

-12 LBAC back

-12 Shoulder Press

-15 SSH IC


Moseyed over Market Street Bridge to Ross’s Landing:

Did Rinse and repeat B.L.I.M.P.S. up the steps next to the river.

Box Jump all the way up: Burpees x5 IC > Mosey back down

Box Jump all the way up: Lunges x10 IC

Box Jump all the way up: Imperial Walker x15 IC

Box Jump all the way up: Merkins x20 OYO

Box Jump all the way up: Plank Jack x25 IC

By this time it was 6:05 so we journeyed back to Blue Rhino.

Had no time for Moleskin but did Countarama/ Namorama and named FNG Andrew Cohn “Protrackter”

Prayed and headed out.