Circles of Intervals

QIC: Sunburn
Date: 03/05/2019
PAX: Back Pew, Care Bear, CANDU, Dirk, Ducktales, Free Candy, Flemish, Goose, Hobo, Iron Butt (Respect), Moneyball, Peanuts, Ringwald, Roadhouse (Respect), Skitch, Sunshine, WuzntMe
AO: Hill City


So cold that Ducktales showed up dressed like Ralphie from A Christmas Story

The Disclaimer:

Expressed and added the 5 Core Principles of F3 which is a good reminder every once in awhile.



Willie Mays Hays

Forward Fold


Imperial Walkers

Mountain Man Poopers – Had to demonstrate because some HIM’s  didn’t do the homework assignment.

Arm over head point elbow to sky

Little Baby Arm Circles

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles

Seal Clap

Military Press

The Thang


6 Pain Stations for 45 second intervals – Run to each station – 2 Rounds

Station 1: Burpees

Station 2: Jump Squats

Station3: Bench Dips

Station 4: Step Up’s

Station 5: Merkins

Station 6: Froward Lunges

In between rounds we met in the
middle for Warrior Lunges

After Second Round we ran around
the circle, met at one end and Bear Crawled to the middle to hold a 2-minute
lower plank to talk about and test our mental toughness.  Bear Crawled back out to the circle and mosey
to the parking lot to do some abs and end with our COT


We talked a lot about Mental Toughness this morning and why it’s important. Those who excel in whatever endeavor they take on aren’t necessarily the most skilled, the smartest or the most physically gifted, it’s those who have built up mental toughness or “grit” through the focused discipline of being consistent to do those things that need to be done to get better. They are the one’s that push themselves beyond what they think they are capable and continuously do the hard things that make them better. I Challenged everyone to get out of your comfort zone and do something that maybe you’ve been thinking about but haven’t taken the steps to start. Look for an area in each of the F’s to get out of your comfort zone and do in order to make yourself better. Set Goals, Grind it out when it feels impossible, Fail and then get right back up and persevere. A big task or goal may look too big at the beginning but you get there one day at a time through baby steps.


Handbag was the only HC that didn’t show. However, he did give a courtesy call to Ringwald at 4:00 AM to let him know he wouldn’t be posting. With friends like that who needs an alarm clock?

CANDU’s excuse for not executing the homework assignment was that he didn’t have time for the video to load. Either he needs better internet or he need more patience. After all you are about to get married and that patience thing will go a long way.


2.0 this Saturday. Fellowship opportunities coming up so check the channel for times and locations. Some expressed they will be fasting as we approach lent this week, maybe you want to join them. Various Ash Wed services to attend. I apologize but don’t remember the specific church WuzntMe said he will be attending but all are invited. Maybe, he could put that on SLACK. Sunburn is now a licensed Realtor in the state of TN & GA. Referrals that turn into a sale are rewarded with Gift Certificates so it you know anyone that needs to buy or sell a house pass them my way.