Don’t Stop Moving!

QIC:  The Count

Date: 05/22/2020

PAX: (8 total PAX) Doodle’s, Home Alone, Jazzy Jag, Lanyard, Oiler, Sparky, Swing Set

AO: Ridge Cut


60 Degrees, with high humidity, with rain on the horizon!


Couple stragglers coming in on two wheels and, but started with about 5 min Warm Up, SSH, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes, SSH

Do as many rounds of each set in 12 minutes, rest 1 minute and start the next set of exercises, and so on for the third. To increase difficulty use coupon where ever feasible. Lunges, LBC’s, Tricep Ext, Squats, Overhead Press, Alt Lateral lunges, Bicep Curls,


BALL OF MAN: Shared about being a good leader also means you have to know how to follow. Asked for prayers for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country and allies. Prayers for family who have lost love ones.


Oiler, I’ve never had anyone ask me if they can be excused to go take a dump! LOL…..Glad everything came out ok…. Oh…. I also heard great comments about my playlist for the beatdown.


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