Don’t Just Know Your Limits…Just. Push. Past. Them.

QIC: [Mr. Clean]
Date: [03/10/2018]
PAX: [Best in Show, Candu, Early Bird, Laces Out, Ohms, Prosciutto, and Whittler]
AO: [Landfill]


[52 degrees. Dusky, light was breaking through the gloom. Rain was clearly in the air.]

The Disclaimer

[Today’s beatdown will be difficult, especially for the upper body, make sure you modify if necessary. You are here on your own free will, but push yourself to get better. ]




Reverse BAC X15 IC

Morrocan Night Club X15 IC

Shoulder Press X15 IC

Finkle Swings X40 OYO


The Thang

Tammy Wynette’s w/Light Poles
PAX partnered up for Tammy Wynette’s

100 of each exercise (Merkins/Squats) = 20 Light Poles

Pitchers & Catchers
YHC placed rocks in the shape of a baseball diamond prior to the beatdown, thanks Prosciutto, and PAX 1 was instructed to run the bases while PAX 2 completed an exercise at their assigned station. Flapjack when PAX 1 returned. There was no “limit” on reps but simply, a rotation call from YHC…

Station #1 – Rotor Pulls

Station #2 – Shrugs (w/rotors)

Station #3 – Bench Press w/DeWayne (this DeWayne was built like current DeWayne Johnson rather than early WWE Rocky Maivia)

Station #4 – Curls (w/coupon)

Station #5 – Upright Rows (w/coupon)

Station #6 – Redneck Kettle Bell Swings (w/coupon)

Station#7 – Lawnmowers (w/coupon)


The reps definitely varied across the Pax during today’s beatdown; because, we have different limits.  However, nobody had a set rep goal, they just had to push until they rotated.  Well, the Pax pushed themselves for 5 minutes at each station! Without “knowing a limit”, we often truly push our limits. So, Don’t Just Know Your Limits… Push. Past. Your. Limits.


What a time the Chattanooga Marathon was! Starting to spring up some F1.5 Events. 

  • Ruckership
  • Trail Runs
  • Go Ruck Tough
  • Tough Mudder
  • Road Races
  • Chattanooga MS Walk (PLEASE JOIN IN THE FIGHT!!)
    • Date: April 21, 2018
    • Start/Finish Location: Coolidge Park – 150 River St., Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405
    • Time: site opens at 9:00 a.m.; walk begins at 10:00 a.m.
    • March 16, 2018 – Track’s End Restaurant

Upcoming Qs

03/12 – Best in Show (Beast Ridge)

03/13 – Laces Out (Hill City)

03/14 – Mr. Clean (The Griff)

03/15 – Ringwald (Hill City)

03/17 – Q School (Landfill)