Recovery Day

QIC: Steam Engine

Date: 08/21/18

PAX: Geek Squad and Ducktales

AO: The Huey

Conditions: Decent weather for some stretching out

Diclaimer: I’m not a pro, push yourself, modify if necessary,

Still recovering from the GoRuck Tough over the weekend I told the HIM that we would be doing A LOT of stretching and a decent amount of Mary and a dash of shoulders


Cotton Pickers IC 15x followed by stretching out to the left then right

Good Morning IC 15x

Fire Hydrates IC 15x then other side

Butterfly Stretch

Right Leg in Left Leg Extended try and grab left toe then switch

Butterfly Stretch

T Stretch Right Leg Across Body to Left Hand then Switch Sides

Hip Stretch (On your back bring right knee across body and to the floor then switch sides)

Little Baby Leg Circles IC 15x (Right Leg)

Little Baby Leg Circles IC 15x (Left Leg)

Alternating Knee Pulls IC 10x (Start with right knee to your chest extend out while bringing in left knee hold and switch back)

Big Baby Arm Circles IC 15x

Reverse Bib Baby Arm Circles IC 15x

Little Baby Arm Circles IC 15x

Reverse LBAC IC 15x

Deep Lunge followed by rolling back to your left leg and trying to grab your right foot then switch sides


Merkins IC 5x

Over under IC 5x

Left Elbow to Right Knee IC 8x switch sides

Finkle Swing 15x both times

Alternating Toe Touches IC 15x


LBC IC 12x

RBC IC 12x

Hello Dolly IC 12x

Rosalita IC 12x

Bay City Scissors IC 5x

Side Leg Raises IC 12x (Right Side)

Side Leg Raises IC 12x (Left Side)

Pretzel IC 8x both sides

Asheville Abs IC 5x





Cam Run 8/25

Fantasy Football draft 8/26