Silence is Golden


QIC: Whittler
Date: 10/10/2018
PAX: Fast Lane, Jabooti, Peanuts, Sidekick, Speed Bump, Threeskin, Vila,
AO: Beast Ridge


73 degrees and perfect

The Disclaimer

Disclaimed.  Phone with be kept with YHC in case of emergency


Began by a long mosey to the far parking lot

Good Mornings x 15

Windmill x 15

Third Grade exercises x 15

Calf/heel stretch 10 per side

SSH x 40

Arm circles x 15

Seal claps x 15

Cherry pickers x 15

Plank x 15

Side plank x 10 per side

Attempted imperial joggers x 4 (YHC aborted secondary to lack of coordination) – converted to imperial walkers x 15

The Thang

Mosey to the pavilion

Beginning at the pavilion, YHC explained that there would be two exercises, a 100 yard jog, two more exercises, 100 yard run back to complete one round.  Reps increased by 5 per round.

Round 1

1 decline merkin, 5 dips


1 burpee, 5 LBCs

Round two – same exercises except 2 and 10 respectively

Round three – 3 and 15

Round four – 4 and 20

Round five – 5 and 25

Round six – 6 and 30

At this point, we rounded up the six and headed back to the parking lot for Mary


Leg raises x 10

Pickle pounder x 10

Reverse pickle pounder x 10

Pretzel crunch x 15 each side

Heel touch x 10

Shoulder taps x 10



YHC struggled with writer’s block/Q block when trying to come up with some words of inspiration for the men of F3.  That being said, I’ve learned over time that sometimes it’s what you don’t say that’s most important.  I am a fairly quiet guy except when I need to be heard.  Sometimes if you talk about everything and all the time, people stop listening.  I’ve learned that if you learn to speak when it’s important, your words can be more impactful.  During the mumble chatter, a comment was made about the exercises and I said “I have to stick with what I’m good at.”  And that definitely applies here – I’m good at choosing the right time and place to be heard but at other times being silent and just listening.  Sometimes, silence is golden.


The mumble chatter game was superb.  Specifically, Sidekick commented that I do pickle pounders quite often and he couldn’t wait for my wife to get back in town.  To which I replied “I have to stick with what I’m good at.”  I let everyone else read between the lines.

YHC has been humbled to be able to lead the men of F3 at Beast Ridge.  It was the first place I ever posted and I’ll always remember that sloppy workout that Vila led us through.  Sidekick humbled YHC by expressing his gratitude for my Qs at Beast Ridge.  While I am headed to live on the Gentlemen’s Ridge, I will still visit the Beast periodically.


TRAINING DAY!!!! Saturday, October 13

BelieveLand launch November 17th