Ship Me off to Boston

QIC: Ducktales
Date: 02/09/2019
PAX: Cowbell, Fissure, Fly-By, Geek Squad, FNG-Initech, Iron Butt, Laces Out, Milkman, FNG-Money Ball, Mr. Clean, Pom Pom, Prosciutto, Uncle Fester, Ringwald, Roadhouse, Skitch, Sunburn, Whittler, Venus, VSquared
AO: The Landfill


The Meteorologist were correct it was almost frozen at 32 degrees. The wind had a chill, we warmed up.

The Disclaimer



We got warm with SSH, IC

Broga! Triangle Pose, Up dog, Down Dog

Cotton Pickers- IC

Bean Pickers-IC

Third Grade Exercises-IC

mosey to the Marsh (when I tell you to put them in the Marsh you put them in the Marsh) hold plank for 6.

Mosey to Ball fields down Jersey.

We got there and moved some log, everyone loves a log.

15 overhead presses with log

15 squats with log overhead

15 log cling and presses

Mosey back to Marsh

once at marsh we picked out rocks and did plank and moved rocks

Mosey up to hill, we were now warm.

The Thang

Bear circle
Pax circle 3 men at a time bear crawled accross circle, looped around man then ran back. went around while the rest held plank, or side plank.

crawl bear up hill, then back down

mosey up hill to soccer goal

Dora lunged to haft court, while partner burped, switched did 50 burpies

Mosey down hill, moved rucks.. … . . moseyed back up hill



Flutter kick-IC

Boat to canoe, yes we paddled

American hammers-IC


CIRCLE OF TRUST “We are all on the Way out act accordingly” -Frank from The Departed. Make the best of the time we have here on this earth,  you men make me stronger by holding me accountable.
BALL OF MAN: Laces out closed us out.


Q brought the bacon cooked all ways for the folks out there that like it different, but at the end of the day its bacon..

We rocked out to Geek Squads speaker, rucked it everywhere and almost stopped at Flybys 19 yr olds sons house that we ran past and posted in his lawn. running to ship me off to Boston is always fun.

Mumble strongly about log, perceptions, crawl bears are better than walk crabs, that’s what she said, etc.



 Next post Beast and Huey be there or… see you soon!