12 Days of Christmas

QIC: Steam Engine

PAX: Vila, Angus, Best in Show, Ohms

AO: Hill City

Date: 12/12/2017

Conditions: a cool 37 degrees nice and warm for a holiday beatdown

Mosey to Great Hall where disclaimer was given and we began with a quick COP


SSH IC 15x

Cotton Pickers IC 12x

Windmill IC 12x

Imperial Walker IC 12x

Kept the COP short in sweet since we would need all the time for what lay ahead.

The Thang:

1 Burpee

2 Big Boy Sit Ups

3 Bench Press

4 Shoulder Press

5 Curls

6 Bent Over Rows

7 LBC’s

8 Mountain Climbers

9 Merkins

10 Plank Jacks

11 Lunges

12 Jump Squats

Tried to find a decent size Dwayne and gathered around the Christmas tree in Coolidge Park. Explained how the thang worked. We start off with 1 burpee take a lap come back do 2 Big Boy Sit Ups & 1 Burpee followed by a lap. We did this til we got to the 12th gift of Jump Squats. Yup the beat down is brought to you by the 12 Days of Christmas song but instead of nice gifts like 5 golden rings you get curls and forget about the partridge in a pear tree you get a lovely burpee. Also quick shout out to Shark Bait from F3 Mt View who I stole this from. Solid Q brother.


Prayer Request:


December 1-25: Xmas ab challenge #Abvent

December 23: Potluck dinner

December 25: Xmas beat down (more details to come as we approach this date)

TBD: Rucking Camping Trip

August 17,2018: GoRuck Tough in Chattanooga

September 15-16, 2018: Tough Mudder in Nashville