Kicking in Coolidge Park


QIC: Laces Out (Respect)

PAX: Wort, Stairmaster, Vila, Whittler, Picasso, Steam Engine, Angus, Ohms, Ringwald, Sundance, FNG-Bogey

AO: Hill City

Conditions: 47o clear and a beautiful morning


Explained to the PAX my excitement as a former Univ. of Memphis kicker that the two kickers for this years’ Super Bowl are both former Memphis Tiger kickers. Stephen Gostkowski is a veteran with an NFL record 479 consecutive PAT’s made and a 78.5% field goal percentage and is all-time leading scorer for the Patriots. Jake Elliot is a rookie for the Eagles who has already made a 61-yard game-winning field goal this year. He also went four years in college without missing a PAT in 202 attempts! I’ll be watching the game to see them play! Today, we are going to do some kicking as well and carry a football as the coupon.

Mosey to Great Hall

Warm Up


10 Finkle Swings with partner

15 High Knees IC

15 Wide High Knees IC


10 LBAC forward/backward IC

10 Moroccan Night Club IC


Mosey to Coolidge Park lawn

The Thang

Circuit 1-Memphis Super Bowl Kickers

Picasso had the coupon, so he kicked the football and all chased to where it landed, then we did the following exercises in cadence:

15 LBCs

Next PAX kicked and we chased, then

15 Squats

Next PAX kicked and we chased, then

15 Merkins

Rinse and repeat one more time.

Mosey to the Steps where the swamp thing lives.

Circuit 2-Stairmaster Dora

The PAX partnered up:

PAX 1 starts first exercise

PAX 2 runs down the steps to the swamp and box jumps back to the top and switch with PAX 1 and pick up where he left off.

Rinse and repeat till complete 100, then move to next exercise and do the same for 200, 300.

100 incline merkins on top step

200 LBCs

300 squats


Hold plank till all finished.


Mosey to Love Shack


12 Freddy Mercury IC

12 Hello Dolly IC

12 Rosalita IC

12 American Hammer IC

12 Flutter Kicks IC

12 Hollywood each side IC





BOM-The term Iron Sharpens Iron is found in Proverbs 27:17 and we did that this morning. We helped make each other better with today’s workout. Two verses later in v.19 it says “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.” Remember that apart from Christ our hearts are desperately wicked, but in Christ our hearts are transformed. We can reflect a heart that loves and obeys God today. Let’s continue to sharpen one another and reflect the heart of Christ to those around us.


Welcome FNG Bogey (Zac Johns)