4 Corners

QIC: Steam Engine

PAX: Pumpkin, Ohms, Juice, Ringwald, Candu, FNG-Tubbs, Mr. Clean, FNG-Geek Squad, Early Bird

AO: Landfill

Date: 1/20/2018

Conditions: 35 degrees warm enough for shorts

Disclaimer: Here on your own free will, am not a professional, push yourself & don’t get hurt, modify exercises if need to


SSH IC 20x

Cherry Pickers IC 15x

Wind Mill IC 15x

Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x

Imperial Walker IC 15x

Mosey to Outhouse and pick up small rocks for some wall sits

The Thang:

Wall Sits w/ Muhammad Ali using rocks IC 10x

Wall Sits w/ Joe Frazier using rocks IC 10x

Wall Sits w/ Shoulder Press using rock IC 10x

Wall Sits w/ Forward Rock Raises IC 10x

Return baby rocks home and pick up a Dwayne and mosey to field

Run 2 laps around the soccer field to allow QIC to drop 4 random cones

Do the following for 5 minutes:

Start at Cone 1 sprint to Cone 2 karaoke to Cone 3 Bernie Sanders to Cone 4 karaoke back to Cone 1

Next series of exercises:

Cone 1: American Hammers w/ coupon then Bear Crawl to Cone 2

Cone 2: Jump Squat then Forward Lunge to Cone 3

Cone 3: Big Boy Sit Ups then Duck Walk to Cone 4

Cone 4: Burpees then Backward Lunge to Cone 1

Start with 10 reps then drop to 9 then 8 and so on





Name FNGs

Prayer Request:

Snowflake with sickness during Orlando trip

Angus’s wife expecting

Pumpkin’s daughter knee injury during game


GoRuck Tough see Vila

Tough Mudder see Ohms

Chattanooga Marathon Relay see Picasso

WOD: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human master. – Colossians 3:23

I picked this as a verse because I am currently reading The Civilized Engineer by Samuel C. Florman and he talks about how many students are enrolling to be engineers for the money. Florman states “I take little satisfaction in knowing that engineering enrollment has doubled when I learned that young people are entering the profession mainly because it promises steady employment.” During college I had a handful of friends that started off as engineering and after a semester or 2 they would end up changing majors to business. The reason for this is because they were not passionate about engineering, they did not enjoy the learning and challenges that come with engineering. Many people fail in new year resolutions or working out because they are not passionate about what they are doing. In F3 we EH a lot of men and when we do get FNGs they either hate it or fall in love with it and keep coming out. We come out not because we enjoy freezing temperatures but because we love what F3 stands for.