QIC: Steam Engine

Date: 09/01/18

PAX: Best In Show and Back Pew

AO: Landfill

Conditions: Football weather

Disclaimer: Not a pro, here on free will, push yourself but modify if you need to.

0700 Was the lone HIM debating to put on my running shoes to go for a long run but Best In Show made an appearance. Still with only two HIM had to make an Omaha on the workout.


SSH IC 15x

Cotton Pickers IC 15x

Windmill IC 15x

Alternating Toe Touches IC 15x

Little Arm Circles Forward IC 15x

LAC Backwards IC 15x

Chinook IC 15x

Moroccan Night Club IC 15x

Back Pew makes an appearance (insert mumble chatter) that is where I realize none of us have a shovel flag thus (insert penalty)

Burpees OYO 10x (shovel flag penalty)

Infinity Plank

Merkins IC 5x

Annie IC 10x (both arms)

Plank Jacks IC 10x

Alternating Shoulder Taps IC 10x

Plank March IC 10x

Merkins IC 5x

Did some decorating by that we moved some benches for the following exercise

Hurdles: PAX hold low plank while guy in the end hurdles over them and holds low plank once he reaches the end.


Side Hurdles 2x

Tunnel of Love: PAX hold a plank while guy in the end army crawls underneath and holds plank once he reaches the end


Some sandbags were left behind for our enjoyment

Overhead carry sandbag to the cones w/ shoulder press OYO 10x at the end


Bear Craw down field and backwards bear back (drew inspiration from Facing the Giants but we had odd numbers so we didn’t have to bear craw with someone on our back)

Sandbag bear same as block bear but sub the coupon with a sandbag

Sandbag Swings IC 6x

Curls IC 10x

Walk back to Shack


Asheville Abs IC 5x

Pretzel IC 8x (both sides)

Hello Dolly IC 10x

Rosalita IC 10x

Flutter Kicks IC 10x

Best In Show wanted to test out a new move name to come later

Hold Plank take one leg and move it to the side and back IC 5x (both sides)

He got this move from a YouTube video

LBC IC 10x

RBC IC 10x

Big Boy Situps OYO 10x

American Hammers IC 10x





Convergence at Chickamauga Dam for Labor Day beatdown

Prayer Request:

All the HIM traveling this Labor Day weekend

WOD: Was going to go with a football quote but saw a tweet that really caught my eye. It was from a man that won an Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling back in 1984 in LA.

“I know God exists. I’ve had too many miracles in my life to deny it” – Mark Schultz

We go through life wondering if God still does miracles and the answer is yes. There are many miracles around us but we live in a fast pace world that we don’t take the time to realize them. Us waking up every morning is a miracle. Growing up and reaching where we are at this moment is a miracle. God works in our lives leading us to where we need to be and meeting the people that will help us reach our goals.

Lastly the reason this tweet caught my eye is that life will throw some pretty bad stuff your way and you have to look at the tiny miracles to get you through the day. Mark lost his older brother when the man who created Foxcatcher murdered his brother. So i can only imagine what it took for Mark to get through that.