Eye of the Tiger

QIC: Whittler
Date: 02/06/2019
PAX: Candu, The Count (Respect), Fissure, Geek Squad, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Ohms, Prosciutto, Sidekick
AO: Lions Den


Warm and wet…

The Disclaimer

Played “Eye of the Tiger” instead


After last week’s discussion regarding the greatest movie of all time (Rocky IV), YHC opted to play the soundtrack to Rocky IV

One mosey lap including running up and down the stair to rest in front of the bleachers

Jump Rope x 10

Real deal Holyfield x 10

Good morning punches x 10

Joe Louis x 10

Jump Rope x 15

RDH x 15

SSH x 15

Windmills x 15

Wall sits (Plain x 10, Muhammad Ali x 10, overhead press x 10)

Mike Tyson’s were attempted but the wall was too wet

Arm circles x 10 each way

Seal clap x 10

Imperial walkers x 10

Plank x 10

Plank Jack x 10

The Thang

Now that we were warm, we became soaking wet from the downpour
Rocky Training
Rocky and Apollo Runs – Partner 1 sprint 100m while partner 2 Bernies 50m and 1 tries to catch 2.  This was done for two complete sets

Moving to the bleachers, we began Stair Sprints

Partner 1 sprints up and back down stairs while Partner 2 does given exercise AMRAP.

Pull ups x 3 rounds

Leg raises x 3 rounds

Dips x 3 rounds

Partner wheelbarrows with wheelbarrow lift x 5

Cool down mosey lap


Ivan Drago x 15

LBC x 15

Plank x 10

Reverse crunch x 10

Small Pickle pounder x 10

Reverse PP x 10

Hello Dolly x 10



Since February 6th is Ronald Reagan’s birthday, YHC decided to include the following quote from Reagan (which has been reproduced by others many times):

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things.  He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

We are all leaders in some aspect of our lives but how effective are we as leaders?  We have all seen leaders lead for the sake of personal glory and recognition.  They use their leadership position as a badge of honor. True leadership means building those up around you and in turn making them leaders.  A fellow PAX passed along a recent article regarding leaders which furthers this point.  “Great leaders develop new leaders systematically, through an LDP (Leadership Development Process) that is tailored to the needs of the Groups they lead…For great Leaders, developing new leaders is leadership of the highest caliber.”


There was lots of MC throughout the morning, despite the periods of heavy rain.  

Mr. Clean and Prosciutto took their shirts off.

Mr. Clean rolled in late due to an apparent Shart Sack


F3 Luncheon this FRIDAY!!!!

12:00 PM at Champy’s on MLK.  All are welcome.  It would be GREAT to see some fresh faces there!