What Goes Down, Must Come Back Up!

QIC: Rainman

Date: 09/16/17

PAX: Mudslide, Sparkles, and Ohms

AO: White Oak Park

Conditions: About 64 degrees

The discalimer was given promptly and we moseyed to the parking lot to have a good warm up.


10 Burpees

Imperial Walkers x15

Squat x15

SSH x15

OYO: Finkle Swing x15

Lunge x15

Imperial Walkers x15

Cotton Pickers x15

SSH x15

Merkin x15

High Knees x15

Butt Kickers x15

PAX were instructed to keep there arms up between these exercises:

Baby Arm Circles (The reverse BAC) x15

Chinook x15

Shoulder Press x15

The THANG: What Goes Down, Must Come Back Up!

The PAX were instructed that a 5k would be ensued. With some plank exercises layed inbetween.

Top Gate Start

  • Run down to the bottom gate (.5 Mile)
  • OYO Plank Jacks X 25
  • IC Plank Hold X 25
  • OYO Alternating Shoulder Taps X 25
  • IC Plank Hold X 25
  • What Goes Down, Must Come Up! PAX Ran to the top gate (.5 Mile)

Back at the Top the PAX were instructed to do these exercises:

  • Peter Parkers X 15
  • In & Out Planks X 15
  • SSH X 20
  • What Goes Up, Must Come Back Down PAX ran down to the bottom gate (.5 mile)



Moleskin: (I Understand that F3 is not Christian, but this is what the Q shared)

Jesus wasn’t just a nice guy. He was a Rabbi who followed the Rabbi-Talmid Structure of the Jewish Culture. There is a difference between being a disciple, (which when looked up in the Greek means follower) and being a talmid, (hebrew word for disciple, the committed followers, who made Jesus’ teachings their code of conduct). Throughout the New Testament you see scripture say, “There was a great crowd that followed Jesus (John 6:2)…” If you keep reading on you will find scripture say, “And because of his hard words (teachings) some discples fell away (John 6:66).” (Example of a hard teaching can be found in Matthew 7:21, and 8:18-22 if interested) Those that fell away were only fans of Jesus, they followed him because he was ‘popular’. But not the talmid. The twelve, were committed. So committed that when it came time to die for Christ they did (Post resurrection PAX talked about not just being a fan of Jesus, or a ‘Pew Potato” (Someone who just attends church because it’s what you SHOULD DO) But, to truly walk and do as he did.