Two Steps Forward

QIC: Whittler
Date: 06/26/2018
PAX: Angus, Cable Cutter, Fissure, Flemish, Ohms, Picasso, Ringwald, Shortcut, Sidekick, Sunshine, VSquared, FNG-Top Rope, FNG-Headshot, FNG-Leftovers
AO: Hill City


Balmy, 70s, Shirtless weather

The Disclaimer

Given that there were 3 FNGs, the Disclaimer was disclaimed appropriately.  I am not a professional, you have come to F3 on your own volition, and Alabama shirts are NOT a requirement for this workout.


Mosey to the Great Hall


Imperial Walkers

Cotton Pickers


Baby arm circles

Cherry Pickers

Shoulder Presses

Square Jump


Windmill merkins


The Thang

We then Moseyed over to the Swamp for some Paula ABdul while enjoying some of Paula Abdul’s greatest hits.
The Paula ABdul – Two steps forward and one step back
Round 1 – Starting at the bottom, we box jumped up two steps, did Froggy Squat x 1. Then jumped down to do a Incline Merkin.  We continued this to the top.  Once at the top, we did 50 LBCs

Round 2 – Step up 2, do Squat.  Step down 1, do dip.  All the way to the top.  Then proceeded to do 50 Big Boy Situps

Round 3 – Box Jump up 2, do Squat.  Step down 1, do incline merkin.  Then do Pretzel Crunches x 25 per side.

Mosey back to the Blue Rhino for some “Paula”

American Hammer

Box cutters

Small, medium and large Pickle Pounders




Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Often times in our lives, we are stuck in situations where we take two steps forward, only to be followed by two steps back.  We get stagnant.  However, we weren’t created to be “average” or for mediocrity.  We often go with the flow, just try to fit into the mold society has created for us.  But the first step to breaking this cycle is making the conscious decision to break out of the mediocrity.  Choose to make yourself and others around you better.  Family, friends, coworkers.  We all have it within us to break the cycle of mediocrity.


July 10 – Farewell to Angus at Candu’s condo complex

HDHH this Wednesday, taking suggestions until this afternoon

GrowRuck in September in Memphis

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