Gone Swimming

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 08/01/2018
PAX: Ducktales, Geek Squad, Ohms, Ringwald, Snookie, and The Count (Respect)
AO: Lion’s Den


69 degrees. 93% humidity. Still but very good air quality.

The Disclaimer

I am Mr. Clean and will be on Q today. I am not a professional, you are here on your own free will, push yourself but don’t hurt yourself, and if you hurt yourself, then we will do our best to help.


SSH x25 IC

Finkle Swings 10 OYO

BAC x12 IC

Reverse BAC x12 IC

Moroccan Night Club x12 IC

Cherry Pickers x12 IC

Shoulder Flies x12 IC

Shoulder Press x25 IC

Fire Hydrants x10 IC

The Thang

YHC felt the need for a leg day today, so the Pax got healthy dose of leg work. Pax 1 ran to top of the bleachers while Pax 2 did the following exercises for a Dora.

Dora 1-2-3

50 – Lunges

100 – Squats

150 – Box Jumps


Pax moseyed over to the practice fields and completed 11’s.

Squats at the top of the hill. BBSUs at the bottom of the hill. Mosey over to the repelling tower. Bear crawled up and down the hill twice.



Thanks to the Pax that help hold each other accountable. If you’re struggling with something, just remember this… “Fail until you don’t fail again”. Just keep plugging along until you’ve figured out the most efficient, successful way to complete a task.


Swimming occurred at today’s workout….


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GoRuck Tough

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